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HOT Dog Club's TD Test
Sunday, December 6, 2009
TD Judges:  Jon Bishop & Richard Knapp
TDX Judges:  Sally Elkins & Richard Knapp
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Nine month old Bernese Mountain Dog
"Dot" pulls her way across the field
It was a quick trip to the glove. Brighteye Keeper of the Stars, TD
handled by Denise McClure eraned her title under judges Jon Bishop & Richard Knapp on
a track laid by Marsha McCaddon
Will, a Beagle made sure no blade of grass
 went unsniffed on his TDX track.
Approaching his glove 1 hour and 15 minutes
 after leaving the start flag.
A new TDX title for William Sayles, OA OAJ TDX and Pat Sayles under judges Saly Elkins and Richard Knapp on a track laid by Kathy Daniel
HOT Dog Club's TD/TDX Test
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Judges:  Linda Bryan & Jerry Lewis

2 new TD titles were earned by:

View slideshow  of photos taken at this test!
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  Jasper confidently makes his way
toward the glove.

Look what you found! TTS Maristel Jasper, TD
handled by Kathleen Milford
on track laid by Charles Jones
Vesta working her way across the field. Getting close to the end. Ch Evrmor's Vesta of Blackwood, TD
 handled by Jeff Shaver
on a track laid by Marsha McCaddon

2 new TDX titles were earned by:

The sky opened up as this Golden Retriever started his track.  He pulled like a mac truck! Sunfire's Making Tracks, RN TDX JH AX AXJ OF
handled by Pat Jones
on a track laid by Judith Bowers

  Max worked slow and steadily through his track.

Approaching one of his obstacles. CH Southlake Hey, Porter, TDX RN
handled by Gayle Mahar
on a track laid by Cindy Camp




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